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Here is a range of some of our products for hire at the moment:

  1. 12' x 12' Bouncy castle with built in rain cover.  This popular castle fits most gardens and halls and suits children up to 12 years.
  2. Slide. This is great fun for children upto 12 years with a platform height at around 6'. Can accomodate up to 4 children on the slide at the same time. My kids love it!
  3. 15' x 17' Bouncy Castle and Slide Combi unit with built in rain cover for children up to 12 years. Get the best of both with this Castle and Slide Combi unit. Children can bounce and play then slide out of the side before making there way back to bounce some more!!!
  4. Adult 16' x 16' Bouncy Castle with built in rain cover which suits children and the young at heart.

We are continually adding to our range so please feel free to contact us for our range of party games or any other queries that you may have.

B & J Bouncy Castles